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 1. Around our school - the local area       First School Years worksheets
 2. How can we make our local area safer?          
 3. An island home       Katie Morag

Guide to Scotland

 4. Going to the seaside        
 5. Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?       Barnaby Bear

Action Aid

 17. Global eye          
 22. A contrasting locality overseas - Tocuaro       Worldaware


Global Eye

 6. Investigating our local area        
 7. Weather around the world     First School Years worksheets
 8. Improving the environment        
 9. Village settlers        
 10. A village in India     Action Aid

Global Eye

Welcome to India

 11. Water       wow-4-water

Water Aid

 12. Should the high street be closed to traffic?        
 13. A contrasting UK locality - Llandudno        
 14. Investigating rivers    Global Eye
 15. The mountain environment      
 16. What's in the news?        
 18. Connecting ourselves to the world          
 19. How and where do we spend our time?        
 20. Local traffic - an environmental issue        
 21. How can we improve the area we can see from our window?          
 23. Investigating coasts        
 24. Passport to the world      
 25. Geography and numbers          
National Curriculum Geographical Association Royal Geographical Society
Oxfam Education Teaching Ideas Primary Resources
Google Earth StreetMap Children's Tropical Forests