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 Primary National Strategy - Framework for Literacy
Primary Framework for Literacy (html version) Primary Framework for Literacy (pdf version) Mixed Age Planning
Year One - Planning Year Two - Planning Year Three - Planning
Year Four - Planning Year Five - Planning Year Six - Planning

  Resources to support the Framework for Literacy

Literacy Resource Library Letters and Sounds Support for Spelling
Early Literacy Support Guidance Early Literacy Support Teacher Handbook Year 3 Literacy Support
Talk for Writing Grammar for Writing Spelling Bank
Progression in Phonics Year 2 and 3 Spelling Programme Additional Literacy Support Module 1
Additional Literacy Support Module 2 Additional Literacy Support Module 3 Additional Literacy Support Module 4
Raising Standards in Reading Developing Early Writing Speaking, Listening, Learning
Further Literacy Support Year 5 Booster Units Year 6 Booster Units
Effective Management of Teaching Assistants    


  Useful Websites

National Curriculum Draft Curriculum EYFS Curriculum
BBC Literacy Activities BBC: Bitesize: English Channel 4 - Bookbox
Schoolsnet: Literacy Index First School Years: Literacy Index Primary Resources
Teaching Ideas Hamilton Trust Literacy Plans Teachit: Primary Library
Topmarks: English Index Look, Cover, Write, Check Storybook Web
Personal Educational Press Letters and Sounds